Investigation into death of newborn boy continues after 15 years

The police will continue the investigation into the case of Sem Vijverberg in the coming weeks. The newborn boy was found dead in 2006 by two playing children in a pond in Doetinchem (Gelderland). It became apparent that the baby was killed by force. At the time, the police were puzzled; research yielded no valuable clues. Now, 15 years later, the case has still not been resolved and the police are once again looking for answers.

On January 29, 2006, the discovery was not only a shock to the neighborhood, but a shock to everyone in the Netherlands. In the Kapperskolk in Doetinchem, two children find the body of a baby, frozen in the ice. The two first think it is a doll. But when they bring in their parents and then also the police, it turns out to be a newborn boy.

The police immediately start a major investigation. Who are his parents and why was he killed? The neighborhood was asked to give information and also called on to share information through the media. The boy is given the name Sem Vijverberg, invented by the children who found him. But even months after the child was found, the police are still in the dark. Even the baby’s DNA material does not match in the database of the police. But they never gave up on the case.

Next week, the team will hand out flyers in the Doetinchem district of De Hoop, where Sem was found in January 2006. In addition, the mobile media lab will drive around Doetinchem for a few days. There, people can get information about the case.

Local soccer club, De Graafschap, will also be involved in the case. The club is willing to give a lot of attention to the matter. The game on April 2 against Dordrecht will mention the investigation.

On March 30, the case will be featured in the crime-solving television program Opsporing Verzocht. In addition, the police calls on anyone who has tips to report.